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Mega Wepa Platter

(Services 4 people)

Fried Pork Chunk, (2) Mini Garlic Shrimp Kabobs, (2) Mini Guava Chicken Kabobs, Beef and Chicken Mini Empanadas, Mini Alcapurias, Mini Potato Balls, Stuff Sweet Plantains, Fried Yuca, Tostones, and Mofongo. 


Churrumba Platter

(Services 6 people)

Fried Pork Chunks, Fried Chicken Chunks, Chicken Wings, Bacalaito,

(2) Mini Chicken Kabobs, (2) Mini Pork Kabobs, (2) Mini Shrimp Kabobs, Mini Beef and Mini Chicken Empanadas, Mini Alcapurias, Tostones, and Sweet Plantains. 


Pastelillo (Empanada)


Beef, Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Pull Pork,

Cheese Steak, Black Bean Chipotle Veggie, Broccoli and Cheddar, and Guava Cream Cheese. 

$3.00 (Each)

Alas de Pollo:       6 pcs

(Chicken Wings)           12 pcs

Available Sauces: 

Buffalo, BBQ, Guava BBQ, or Mango Habanero BBQ.



Pinchos (Shish Kebab)

Pinchos de Camaron (Shrimp Kebab


Pork, Chicken, or Shrimp.

Available Sauce:

Buffalo, Garlic Sauce, BBQ, Guava BBQ, or Mango Habanero BBQ, 





Papa Rellena (Potato Ball)

Deep fried mash potatoes, Stuffed w. ground beef. 



Rellena de Maduro (Sweet Plantain Ball)

Deep fried sweet plantain, Stuffed w. ground beef. 




Deep fried mash green bananas, Stuffed w. ground beef.  




Deep fried codfish in a flour batter. 




Grated green bananas, Green plantains, and Cassava mixed together into a dough, Stuffed w. pork, and Boiled. 




Deep fried pork belly.



Chicharron de Pollo  

Fried chicken chunks.  


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